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Yellow Mandarin Solid Perfume

Sale price€45,00

Blending citrus top notes of orange, lemon, and mandarin with floral heart notes of orange flower and neroli, this fragrance is rounded off with a base of patchouli and oak moss. It evokes the essence of luxurious boat rides along Portugal's sunny coastlines.

Made in Portugal

Yellow Mandarin Solid Perfume
Yellow Mandarin Solid Perfume Sale price€45,00

Olfactory Notes

Top Notes: Orange, Lemon & Mandarin
Heart Notes: Orange Flower & Neroli
Base Notes: Patchouli & Oak Moss


In the golden age of maritime trade, amidst the vast expanse of the sea, a legendary route thrived—the path between Portugal and Macau. Ships sailed with their holds laden with treasures from the East, giving rise to a fragrance that embodied the essence of this era: Yellow Mandarin.

The name itself whispered of riches and splendor, echoing the gleaming yellow hues of precious gold coveted by merchants and monarchs alike. Imagine the decks of ships adorned with bountiful cargoes—silk, porcelain, tea leaves, and exotic spices—all aglow in the sunlight like nuggets of gold.