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Unveil the allure of our mystic incense, known for awakening senses and purifying spaces. Explore the Essence Journeys with the pristine fragrance of Japanese incense.

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Exquisite Glass Incense HolderExquisite Glass Incense Holder
Opulent Brass Incense HolderOpulent Brass Incense Holder
Opulent Brass Incense Holder Sale price€29,00
Small Brass Incense HolderSmall Brass Incense Holder
Small Brass Incense Holder Sale price€9,00
The Brass Fragrance BurnerThe Brass Fragrance Burner
The Brass Fragrance Burner Sale price€44,00
Beige Jasmim Over Leather Incense (60 sticks)Beige Jasmim Over Leather Incense (60 sticks)