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From diffuser stands to candle wick trimmers, designed to enhance your fragrance experience with style and a touch of history.

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Next Memory Wick TrimmerNext Memory Wick Trimmer
Next Memory Wick Trimmer Sale price€25,00
Exquisite Glass Incense HolderExquisite Glass Incense Holder
Opulent Brass Incense HolderOpulent Brass Incense Holder
Opulent Brass Incense Holder Sale price€29,00
The Brass Diffuser StandThe Brass Diffuser Stand
The Brass Diffuser Stand Sale price€35,00
The Brass PenThe Brass Pen
The Brass Pen Sale price€49,00
Small Brass Incense HolderSmall Brass Incense Holder
Small Brass Incense Holder Sale price€9,00
The Brass Fragrance BurnerThe Brass Fragrance Burner
The Brass Fragrance Burner Sale price€44,00
Yellow Flowers over Grass Scented MatchesYellow Flowers over Grass Scented Matches
Blue Violet over Sandal Scented MatchesBlue Violet over Sandal Scented Matches
NewHexagon Candle Holder (S)Hexagon Candle Holder (S)
Hexagon Candle Holder (S) Sale price€16,00
NewHexagon Candle Holder (M)Hexagon Candle Holder (M)
Hexagon Candle Holder (M) Sale price€22,00
The Brass Taper Candle DiskThe Brass Taper Candle Disk
The Brass Taper Candle Disk Sale price€12,00
The Brass Pillar Candle DiskThe Brass Pillar Candle Disk
The Brass Pillar Candle Disk Sale price€24,50
Next Memory Candle SnufferNext Memory Candle Snuffer
Next Memory Candle Snuffer Sale price€21,00
Dark Tomato over Leaf Scented MatchesDark Tomato over Leaf Scented Matches