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Embark on a sensory journey with our exclusive aroma diffusers, elegantly presented in bottles inspired by the sophistication of ancient Portuguese wines. Decorate your space and evoke time travel with each fragrance.

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Khaki Olive over Thyme DiffuserKhaki Olive over Thyme Diffuser
Khaki Olive over Thyme Diffuser Sale priceFrom €41,00
Green Apple over Oak Moss DiffuserGreen Apple over Oak Moss Diffuser
Green Apple over Oak Moss Diffuser Sale priceFrom €41,00
Pink Lemon over Orange DiffuserPink Lemon over Orange Diffuser
Pink Lemon over Orange Diffuser Sale priceFrom €41,00
Brown Coffee over Patchouli DiffuserBrown Coffee over Patchouli Diffuser
Brown Coffee over Patchouli Diffuser Sale priceFrom €41,00
Dark Tomato over Leaf DiffuserDark Tomato over Leaf Diffuser
Dark Tomato over Leaf Diffuser Sale priceFrom €41,00
Purple Fig over Wood DiffuserPurple Fig over Wood Diffuser
Purple Fig over Wood Diffuser Sale priceFrom €41,00
White Tea over Palm Leaf DiffuserWhite Tea over Palm Leaf Diffuser
White Tea over Palm Leaf Diffuser Sale priceFrom €41,00
Emerald Mint over Basil DiffuserEmerald Mint over Basil Diffuser
Emerald Mint over Basil Diffuser Sale priceFrom €41,00
Gold Leather over Oudh DiffuserGold Leather over Oudh Diffuser
Gold Leather over Oudh Diffuser Sale priceFrom €41,00
Beige Jasmin over Leather DiffuserBeige Jasmin over Leather Diffuser
Beige Jasmin over Leather Diffuser Sale priceFrom €41,00
Excl. EditionTurquoise Water Diffuser - Limited Edition
Red Orchid over Log Fire DiffuserRed Orchid over Log Fire Diffuser
Red Orchid over Log Fire Diffuser Sale priceFrom €41,00
Blue Violet Over Sandal DiffuserBlue Violet Over Sandal Diffuser
Blue Violet Over Sandal Diffuser Sale priceFrom €41,00
Yellow Flowers over Grass DiffuserYellow Flowers over Grass Diffuser
Yellow Flowers over Grass Diffuser Sale priceFrom €41,00
The Brass Diffuser StandThe Brass Diffuser Stand
The Brass Diffuser Stand Sale price€35,00