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Sandalwood Collection

Sandalwood Collection

In an age of bold discoveries and maritime adventures, Portugal set sail towards unknown horizons. Among the exotic treasures they brought home was an aromatic gem that captivated the senses and whispered tales of distant lands: Blue Sandalwood.  Sourced from the ancient Santalum album trees of India, sandalwood had long been revered for its aromatic properties and medicinal benefits.

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Blue Sandalwood Eau de ToiletteBlue Sandalwood Eau de Toilette
Custom Travel Set 3x10mlCustom Travel Set 3x10ml
Custom Travel Set 3x10ml Sale price€45,00
Blue Sandalwood Solid PerfumeBlue Sandalwood Solid Perfume
Blue Violet over Sandal Scented CandleBlue Violet over Sandal Scented Candle
Custom Travel Set 6x10mlCustom Travel Set 6x10ml
Custom Travel Set 6x10ml Sale price€73,00
Blue Violet over Sandal Room Spray
Blue Violet over Sandal Scented MatchesBlue Violet over Sandal Scented Matches
Blue Violet Over Sandal DiffuserBlue Violet Over Sandal Diffuser
Blue Violet Over Sandal Diffuser Sale priceFrom €41,00

Blue Sandalwood

Inspired by the exploration and discovery of sandalwood by Portuguese explorers in the ancient colonies from India. With notes of exotic spices, precious woods, and hints of maritime freshness, this fragrance captures the spirit of adventure and discovery that defined Portugal's golden age of exploration.