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Blue Violet over Sandal Scented Candle

Sale price€43,00

A sensual clarity of noble Sandalwood that infuses the air with an exceptional scent, which unlocks memories and makes every moment intense. Powered by woody notes of cedar and cardamom.

Made in Portugal

Blue Violet over Sandal Scented Candle
Blue Violet over Sandal Scented Candle Sale price€43,00

Made in Portugal

Handcrafted Porcelain

Our candles are hand-poured using natural waxes and encased in matte porcelain jars with minimalistic design. Each jar, meticulously made in Portugal, promises uniqueness and durability for reuse. Our scents are expertly diffused for maximum olfactory pleasure.

Olfactory Notes

Top Notes: Cardamom, Pink Pepper
Heart Notes: Iris, Amber, Violet, Sandalwood
Base Notes: Musk, Cedar Wood


In an age of bold discoveries and maritime adventures, Portugal set sail towards unknown horizons. Among the exotic treasures they brought home was an aromatic gem that captivated the senses and whispered tales of distant lands: Blue Sandalwood.  Sourced from the ancient Santalum album trees of India, sandalwood had long been revered for its aromatic properties and medicinal benefits.

Portugal's significant role in exploration led to the rediscovery of regions abundant with sandalwood, from the shores of Goa to the Moluccas.