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Radiant Skin Formula Tea Blend

Sale price€12,00

Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, it improves skin texture and elasticity, reduces wrinkles, protects elastin fibers, and promotes collagen production.

Made in Portugal

Radiant Skin Formula Tea Blend
Radiant Skin Formula Tea Blend Sale price€12,00

Herbs & Benefits

Rooibos: Rich in antioxidants..
Almond: Nutrient-rich, contains healthy fats.
Apple: High in fiber and antioxidants.
Corinth: Natural sweetness, vitamins, and minerals.
Date: High in fiber and minerals.
Rose: Delicate floral aroma.
Pistachio: Rich in healthy fats, nutty flavor.
Cinnamon Flower: Potential health properties.


The inspiration behind the blend stems from the desire to create a tea that nurtures and enhances the natural beauty of the skin. We carefully selected ingredients known for their skin-loving properties, creating a blend that promotes a radiant and healthy complexion.