Beige Jasmin over Leather Room Spray


Jasmine adds a refreshing touch to the smoky and vibrant Leather, while the finest Moss and soft Patchouli accentuate the fragrance, creating a captivating blend.


Size: 500ml

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Product Description

Inside a leather atelier in Alcanena, the ‘Land of Leather’, the walls are lined with steel shelves, sheet leather cut in shapes hanging in production rows on the other. Down the centre, a long wooden workbench littered with tool blocks, nails and multicoloured filers. It smells like cigarettes, and musty leather.

Olfactory Pyramid

Top Notes: Jasmine, Violet, iris
Middle Notes: Suede, sandalwood
Base Notes: Musk, patchouli, tobacco, amber


To use, simply turn the small round button on the front to open or close the spray pump. Hold upright and spray throughout the room. Avoid spraying or placing on delicate or flammable surfaces. Remember to close the nozzle after each use.