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Turquoise Water Scented Candle - Limited Edition

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A refreshing ode to the natural beauty of the Azores, perfect for those who wish to carry the essence of the ocean and vibrant lagoon life with them.

Made in Portugal

Limited Edition

by Gabriel Gemaque

We aimed to encapsulate the energy and essence of the Azores into a sensory experience, and Gabriel's artistry has achieved this beautifully. Each label is a canvas that reflects the vibrant landscapes, the serene seas, and the rich cultural tapestry of the Azores, inviting you into a world where every scent and sight is an adventure.

Olfactory Notes

Top Notes: - Lemon, Bergamot, Mint
Heart Notes: Sea Water, Neroli
Base Notes: Oakmoss, Salt


In a distant land, a princess with eyes as deep as the sea and a shepherd with a gaze like precious emeralds fell in love, defying their worlds' boundaries. Duty tore them apart, yet as they parted by the lake, their tears mingled, creating two lakes—one turquoise, the other emerald. These lakes, a symbol of their eternal love, bind them across distance and time. When the breeze dances over their waters, it carries echoes of their timeless romance, a melody that lingers in memories.