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Néroli Collection

Néroli Collection

Step into the tranquil magic of the Néroli Collection, inspired by the serene gardens overseen by Queen D. Maria II. Renowned for its calming effects and gentle on allergies, néroli infuses each fragrance with peace and serenity. This collection harmoniously blends the freshness of dawn-kissed leaves, the zest of bergamot, the warmth of musk, and the delicate charm of orange blossom. 

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Custom Travel Set 3x10mlCustom Travel Set 3x10ml
Custom Travel Set 3x10ml Sale price€45,00
Pink Lemon over Orange DiffuserPink Lemon over Orange Diffuser
Pink Lemon over Orange Diffuser Sale priceFrom €41,00
Pink Néroli Eau de ToilettePink Neroli Eau de Toilette by Next Memory Atelier
Pink Néroli Eau de Toilette Sale price€108,00
Pink Lemon over Orange Room Spray
Travel Perfume CaseTravel Perfume Case
Travel Perfume Case Sale price€38,00
Pink Néroli Solid PerfumePink Néroli Solid Perfume
Pink Néroli Solid Perfume Sale price€45,00
Sold outPink Lemon over Orange Scented CandlePink Lemon over Orange Scented Candle
Custom Travel Set 6x10mlCustom Travel Set 6x10ml
Custom Travel Set 6x10ml Sale price€73,00

Pink Néroli

In a realm where gardens bloomed under the protection of a beloved queen, D. Maria II, known as the "Good Mother," cultivated more than flowers: she cultivated love and serenity. In a secret glade, where orange trees intertwined with the dawn light, the fragrance Pink Néroli was born.