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Explore scented candles, elegant diffusers, essential oils, and more to create a unique atmosphere in your home. Find also high-quality skincare products formulated with premium ingredients.

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Potion of Enhanced Sleep Tea Blend
NewPastel de Nata Scented CandlePastel de Nata Scented Candle
Nº187 Tea Blend
Nº187 Tea Blend Sale price€12,00
Five O'Clock in Mayfair Tea Blend
Emerald Mint over Basil Room Spray
Discovery Set Bath CreamersDiscovery Set Bath Creamers
Discovery Set Bath Creamers Sale price€28,00
Cherry Bath CreamersCherry Bath Creamers
Cherry Bath Creamers Sale price€28,00
Excl. EditionSold outTurquoise Water Taper CandlesTurquoise Water Taper Candles
NewWhite Cardamom Eau de ParfumWhite Cardamom Eau de Parfum
White Cardamom Eau de Parfum Sale price€108,00
NewYellow Mandarin Eau de ParfumYellow Mandarin Eau de Parfum
Yellow Mandarin Eau de Parfum Sale price€108,00
Rose Bath CreamersRose Bath Creamers
Rose Bath Creamers Sale price€28,00
Red Orchid over Log Fire Room Spray
Red Orchid over Log Fire DiffuserRed Orchid over Log Fire Diffuser
Red Orchid over Log Fire Diffuser Sale priceFrom €41,00
Radiant Skin Formula Tea Blend
Linden Blossom Bath CreamersLinden Blossom Bath Creamers
Linden Blossom Bath Creamers Sale price€28,00
Sold outKhaki Olive over Thyme Scented CandleKhaki Olive over Thyme Scented Candle
Green Apple over Oak Moss Scented CandleGreen Apple over Oak Moss Scented Candle
Exquisite Glass Incense HolderExquisite Glass Incense Holder
Emerald Mint over Basil Scented CandleEmerald Mint over Basil Scented Candle
NewDark Tomato over Leaf Scented CandleDark Tomato over Leaf Scented Candle
Dark Tomato over Leaf Fragrance Oil
Sold outBeige Jasmim over Leather Fragrance Oil
Yellow Flowers over Grass Leaf Room Spray
Blue Violet over Sandal Room Spray
Blue Violet Over Sandal DiffuserBlue Violet Over Sandal Diffuser
Blue Violet Over Sandal Diffuser Sale priceFrom €41,00
Stone White 6 Taper CandlesStone White 6 Taper Candles
Stone White 6 Taper Candles Sale price€12,00
Yellow Flowers over Grass DiffuserYellow Flowers over Grass Diffuser
Yellow Flowers over Grass Diffuser Sale priceFrom €41,00
Excl. EditionSold outTurquoise Water Scented Candle - Limited EditionTurquoise Water Scented Candle - Limited Edition
Sold outBrown Coffee over Patchouli Scented CandleBrown Coffee over Patchouli Scented Candle
The Brass Fragrance BurnerThe Brass Fragrance Burner
The Brass Fragrance Burner Sale price€44,00
Yellow Flowers over Grass Scented MatchesYellow Flowers over Grass Scented Matches
Blue Violet over Sandal Scented MatchesBlue Violet over Sandal Scented Matches
Small Brass Incense HolderSmall Brass Incense Holder
Small Brass Incense Holder Sale price€9,00
Beige Jasmim Over Leather Incense (60 sticks)Beige Jasmim Over Leather Incense (60 sticks)
Dark Tomato over Leaf Scented MatchesDark Tomato over Leaf Scented Matches
The Brass Taper Candle DiskThe Brass Taper Candle Disk
The Brass Taper Candle Disk Sale price€12,00
The Brass Pillar Candle DiskThe Brass Pillar Candle Disk
The Brass Pillar Candle Disk Sale price€24,50
White Tea over Palm Leaf Scented CandleWhite Tea over Palm Leaf Scented Candle
The Brass PenThe Brass Pen
The Brass Pen Sale price€49,00
NewHexagon Candle Holder (S)Hexagon Candle Holder (S)
Hexagon Candle Holder (S) Sale price€16,00
NewHexagon Candle Holder (M)Hexagon Candle Holder (M)
Hexagon Candle Holder (M) Sale price€22,00
The Brass Diffuser StandThe Brass Diffuser Stand
The Brass Diffuser Stand Sale price€35,00
Sold outRefill Lip BalmRefill Lip Balm
Refill Lip Balm Sale price€15,00
Sold outPink Lemon over Orange Fragrance Oil
Opulent Brass Incense HolderOpulent Brass Incense Holder
Opulent Brass Incense Holder Sale price€29,00
Next Memory Candle SnufferNext Memory Candle Snuffer
Next Memory Candle Snuffer Sale price€21,00
Khaki Olive over Thyme Room Spray
Healing Antidote Tea Blend
Healing Antidote Tea Blend Sale price€12,00
Green Apple over Oak Moss Room Spray
Golden Incense CylinderGolden Incense Cylinder
Golden Incense Cylinder Sale price€39,00