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Article: A unique collaboration: Gabriel Gemaque and Atelier Next Memory

A unique collaboration: Gabriel Gemaque and Atelier Next Memory

A unique collaboration: Gabriel Gemaque and Atelier Next Memory

“The experience of creating becomes unique when there are no limits to do the best”.

Turquoise Water Limited Edition, is a unique collaboration between Gabriel Gemaque and Atelier Next Memory.

Inspired by the stunning Azores' Lagoa das Sete Cidades, this scent captures the essence of the twin volcanic lagoons' mesmerizing turquoise waters and lush landscapes.

We sat down with Gabriel to delve deeper into his work and gain insight into his artistic journey. 

How would you describe your artistic journey?

My artistic journey, from the lush landscapes of the Amazon to international galleries, is a fusion of cultural influences and a profound bond with nature.

Raised in Macapá, on the Amazon River, I found inspiration in its fauna, flora, and diverse culture. Encouraged by my family to value indigenous heritage, I began my art education at Cândido Portinari School, later refining my skills at institutions like British Columbia and Queens University.

Today, I am internationally recognized as an eco-artist, and my work reflects my global experiences and unique worldview. Committed to inspiring and raising awareness, my art serves as a powerful reminder of our role in building a sustainable world.

How do you see the intersection and synesthesia between visual art (vision) and fragrance (smell)?

The collaboration between Atelier Next Memory and Gabriel Gemaque is an inspiring example of this intersection between art and sensory experience. As a loyal client of the atelier for three years, I found in perfumery a way to enrich my art even further, creating a limited edition inspired by the magnificent Azores island memory.

The stunning landscapes of the Azores, particularly the breathtaking Lagoa das Sete Cidades, have left an indelible mark on my mind and heart. The lush green of the mountains, the deep blue of the ocean, and the sea breeze laden with natural fragrances were sources of inspiration for this unique collaboration.

Each scented note evokes the sensations and emotions that I experienced during my stay on the island. The smell of the sea breeze while walking along the coast, the fresh aroma of the fields after a refreshing rain, all of this was meticulously translated into a fragrance that transports the user to the stunning landscapes of the Azores.

This limited edition is not just a collection of fragrances; it is a work of art in itself, a collaboration between the visual world of painting and the olfactory world of perfumery. It is a celebration of the beauty of nature and the ability of art to connect us with deep experiences and memories.

How did you manage to integrate a memory of a specific legend into your collaboration with Next Memory?

I sought not only to capture the visual and olfactory beauty of the region but also to integrate cultural and historical elements that are intrinsic to the identity of the islands. A meaningful way to do this was by incorporating a local legend into the composition of the fragrances.

The chosen legend to integrate into the collaboration was the mythical story of the Sete Cidades, which dates back centuries in Azorean tradition. According to the legend, the Sete Cidades are twin lakes, one green and the other blue, separated by mountains, which emerged from the tears of love between a princess and a shepherd, whose union was forbidden by social differences. This legendary tale is deeply rooted in the culture and folklore of the Azores and represents a powerful narrative of love, sacrifice, and connection with nature.

By integrating this specific legend into the collaboration with Atelier Next Memory, we not only enriched the fragrance with cultural and historical depth but also provided users with a more immersive and meaningful sensory experience. Each time someone uses this fragrance, they are invited on a sensory journey to the legendary landscapes of the Sete Cidades, where stories of the past merge with sensations of the present, creating a truly unforgettable experience.

Where can we see and purchase your pieces?

Gabriel Gemaque's pieces can be found in a variety of locations, both physical and online, including art galleries, temporary exhibitions, and e-commerce platforms.

For those wishing to explore more of Gabriel Gemaque's work, they can visit the official website where his works are available for direct purchase at or on Instagram @g__m__q.

Regardless of the chosen channel, by acquiring a piece by Gabriel Gemaque, collectors have the opportunity not only to own a unique and inspiring piece but also to be part of the artist's creative and emotional journey.

Each artwork by Gabriel Gemaque is an authentic expression of his vision and experience, enriching the surrounding environment with beauty and meaning.

Next Memory and Art

The collaboration between Gabriel Gemaque and Atelier Next Memory is a testament to the power of creativity and collaboration to transcend boundaries and create truly transformative experiences.

This partnership is akin to the rhythmic ebb and flow of ocean waves, where the sensory essence of the ocean and volcanic landscapes merge with artistic expression. It is a reminder that art is not limited only to the visual, but can manifest in all forms of sensory expression, stimulating our senses with the salty breeze and the deep, resonant roar of the ocean waves, enriching our lives in unexpected and profound ways.

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