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Article: Introducing Kokuga: A Blossoming Journey

Introducing Kokuga: A Blossoming Journey

Introducing Kokuga: A Blossoming Journey

Meet Kokuga, a captivating flower studio with roots in Lisbon, Portugal, and a story that weaves together culture and passion. Founded by Nathan Kunigami, a unique blend of Brazilian and Japanese heritage, Kokuga is more than just a floral enterprise; it’s a testament to the power of personal connections.

What inspired you to become a flower designer?

In 2017 during a trip to japan i decided to take a ikebana lesson with a local artist in tokyo. At that time i still lived in rio, my hometown, and worked as marketing manager for accorhotels. When i was back in brazil i started studying ikebana by myself as a hobby and found my passion. What inspired me the most to become a florist was definitely knowing this is something i truly love doing it.

Which flower is close to your heart?

For the past year i’ve been obsessed with orchids. they’re not only beautiful but a very successful case of evolution. There are about 25.000 - 30.000 species in the world. Orchids are found on every continent and almost every habitat. I love them because they’re strangely beautiful.

Where do you source your flowers from?

Most of them are imported from different countries but some i also source from local producers.

What are the major requests from clients?

I consider myself fortunate because almost all our clients grant us complete creative freedom. I always emphasize that all our floral arrangements are unique creations, and I believe that's precisely what our clients desire: exclusivity.

How does lisbon impact your work and creations?

I believe Lisbon have a much slower pace than any other city i lived before. Portuguese people are hard working but they also value a balanced equation between work and life. This is something very important to me and that impacts my work in a very positive way, allowing myself to give the necessary time to my creative process.

What is your upcoming favorite home fragrance memory?

The Beige Jasmin over Leather for its unique charm.

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Learn more at: [Kokuga Website]

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