D'Almeida Hats collaboration with Next Memory

The Portuguese art of hat making with D’Almeida Hats

An unwavering passion emerged to honor their heritage and establish D’Almeida Hats as a living testament to both their family name and the timeless craft of hat making. Witness the fusion of tradition and innovation as we introduce the elegant touch of Next Memory Fragrances, carefully tailored to infuse the hat boxes with the essence of cherished memories.
Tradition, craftsmanship, and fragrant emotions converge in every exquisite D’Almeida Hats creations.

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The Fragrant History of Portugal’s Perfumery

The word “perfume” arrived in Portuguese through the French “parfum,” taken from the Italian “profumo,” derived from the Latin “per fumum,” meaning “through smoke” or “via smoke,” in the sense of “vapor that expands.”

In the 8th century, Muslims sailed from North Africa and took control of what is now Portugal and Spain. Known in Arabic as al-Andalus, the region joined the expanding Umayyad Empire and prospered under Muslim rule. It should not be too surprising that Arabic influences were part of the Portuguese culture, and the people’s identity.

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The Olfactory Pyramid

A fragrance pyramid is essentially a triangular structure comprising of 3 sections; top notes, middle (or heart) notes and bottom (also known as base) notes. This fragrance pyramid helps us to visualize a perfume or fragrance in terms of what they’re comprised of in relation to their scent notes.

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orange in perfumery

Orange in perfumery

The captivating allure of orange has permeated the world of perfumery for centuries, captivating the senses with its vibrant and uplifting essence.
Among the oldest perfumes still produced today, two timeless creations have gracefully stood the test of time, their remarkable scents transcending eras and leaving an indelible mark on the world of perfumery.

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Se,enteira de caldo

J.J. Fernandes Legacy

Next Memory niche perfumery Atelier is immersed in the legacy of visionary J.J. Fernandes, who played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the field of pharmaceuticals in Portugal since 1899.

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