Tea Infuser with Drip Cup 1899


This exquisite infuser, made from stainless steel, combines timeless design with functionality, offering tea enthusiasts a delightful brewing experience.


Product Description

The inspiration behind the Tea Infuser with Drip Cup 1899 was fueled by a passion for tea and the desire to provide tea enthusiasts with a practical and elegant way to enjoy this beverage. By combining the functionality of a traditional strainer with the luxurious aesthetic of gold stainless steel, this infuser offers a refined and enchanting experience with every cup of tea.


The fine mesh filter of the Tea Infuser was designed to retain all the aromatic fragrances of the tea leaves, allowing them to expand and release their flavors without the presence of unwanted debris in the cup. This guarantees a complete tasting experience, with a rich intensity of taste and aroma.

Our Tea Infuser with Drip Cup 1899 is dishwasher safe.