Red Orchid over Log Fire Room Spray


A classic fire place fragrance that captures the distinctive smell of the mountains. Rose and Orchid add an air of unmistakable clean sensuality. Burnt wood, vanilla and leather grounds and deepens the fragrance.


Size: 500ml


Product Description

A cold winter day, flickering fireplace, the scent of oak trees surrounded by the fantastic mountainous landscapes of the ‘Serra da Estrela’ dressed in a wonderful coat of snow. Virgin water sprouting from the rocks into the lakes and sniffing the pure mountain air.

Olfactory Pyramid

Top notes: Elemi, Raspberry
Middle notes: Orchid, Burnt Wood
Base notes: Vanilla, Leather, Cedar Wood, Guaiac Wood


To use, simply turn the small round button on the front to open or close the spray pump. Hold upright and spray throughout the room. Avoid spraying or placing on delicate or flammable surfaces. Remember to close the nozzle after each use.