Emerald Mint Tea Blend


A refreshing blend of mint & eucalyptus. Made with the finest ingredients, this tea is perfect for any time of day and will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.


Size: 120g


Product Description

Portugal was greatly impacted by the Moors, who brought with them new crops such as herbs and citrus fruits that eventually became integral parts of Portuguese culture. The Emerald Mint Collection honors this influence by encapsulating the essence of the aromatic and fresh herbs and spices.

Herbs & Benefits

Green tea: Antioxidants, metabolism boost, brain health.
Mint: Digestive support, refreshing sensation, headache relief.
Eucalyptus: Respiratory health, antibacterial properties, relaxation.

How to Prepare

– Use boiling water (100°C).
– Let the tea steep for 6-9 minutes.
– Remove the loose leaves before serving.