Brown Coffee over Patchouli Room Spray


Lemon Peel and Bitter Orange gives a fresh opening to the intense aroma of roasted coffee beans which is mingled with bitterly cumin and Osmanthus. Balsamic notes of Styrax and sweet Coumarin on the base.


Size: 500ml


Product Description

This dark and robust beverage brings people together. Mid-morning or after lunch taking a coffee break. Linger at the table after a meal, you talk and laugh, and realize that you have suddenly become stress and worry free.

Olfactory Pyramid

Top notes: Lemon peel, bitter orange
Middle notes: Petit grain, osmanthus, coffee
Base notes: Coumarin, styrax, cumin, vanilla, light patchouli


To use, simply turn the small round button on the front to open or close the spray pump. Hold upright and spray throughout the room. Avoid spraying or placing on delicate or flammable surfaces. Remember to close the nozzle after each use.