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Potion of Knowledge Tea Blend

Sale price€12,00

Improves memory, boosts focus and concentration, promotes calmness, and increases alertness, helping you stay more focused throughout the day.

Size: 100g

Made in Portugal

Potion of Knowledge Tea Blend
Potion of Knowledge Tea Blend Sale price€12,00

Herbs & Benefits

White Tea: Antioxidants, immunity.
Green Tea: Metabolism boost, cognition.
Hemp: Relaxation, inflammation.
Yellow Rose: Joy, mood.
Red Rose: Antioxidants, relaxation.
Sunflower: Nutrients, heart.
Jasmine: Stress relief, focus.
Bamboo: Skin health, calming.
Roman Chamomile: Relaxation, sleep.
Mallow: Respiratory, anti-inflammatory.


Our blend is inspired by the quest for knowledge and wisdom. We crafted a tea to awaken the senses and stimulate the mind, offering a unique experience. Imagine yourself surrounded by ancient books, with the scent of knowledge in the air. This backdrop inspired our Potion of Knowledge Tea, capturing the feeling of delving into new ideas and expanding understanding.